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So we all went to the beach because everyone loves me<3

I was really excited until mommy went away and left me alone with the boys. I don't like the boys that much, except for Hihi and Jingle <3

But then Nini began to harass Jingle so I shoved him in the sand and gave him an Uncle Cracker.

After that, we all wanted to play Beach Volleyball so I decided to be the ref.

It was Jingle & Hihi vs. SeiSei & Ashie

Jingle and Hihi stomped them out of their tiny penises, but then I accidentally tripped on my pokeball and it released my drifloon.

Then out of nowhere a giant seaweed-covered yeti appeared. Everyone screamed and ran, and my drifloon noosed around Ashie's arm so he was carried off.

Jingle told me to stay put and combat the Yeti. So then I engaged in mortal kombat with it, complete with asskickery.

But then it escaped. 

Then I saw Jingle drowning and told my Drifloon to rescue it. It pulled him up and I saw him naked. I then dumped him onto the towel and wrapped him up and guarded him severely.

I just collapsed and kept blushing for 2-3 hours and everyone else screamed by the cove. They were all looking for each other yet they were in plain site. Weird.

So then after Jingle woke up he thanked me and hugged me while he was naked. It was awkward but the best experience ever.

Then we went home and some lady asked Jing to support her family. I kicked her off the cliff, SHE WILL NOT MAKE JINGLE HER HUSBAND.

<3333 Jingle

And then we found KyKy and NaNa. So so weird.

The beach was boring, but at least I saw Jingle naked. TAKE THAT NINI YOU HORNY PEDOPHILE.


Instead of pointing out how inactive you all have been here, we will reunite with a good event upon us! Everyone let us celebrate today as Kyra's birthday! Happy Birthday I love you!!! With the help of Setsuna we made you a cake:

I hope you like it. We sent Soul out into a forest so she will not attend and cause stress like the other times.

Oh as for presents, well I got you this pink microphone since you like the color pink and well... you have a great voice, in my opinion.

Come on you guys get out here and let us party!

nnnnn so sexy

Today's rendezvous consisted of baffling the competition from getting past our party.

Violence is never the answer but I followed orders from Ash darling and stuck to keeping Hibiki darling and Setsuna dear busy. As usual they rejected a chance to have love with me but their refusal makes this fun~ ♥

However the barbaric maiden interferes with my advances to Setsuna dear... what a disappointment...

There was no way of getting near Jing dear since Kiyoi dear attacks me. As much as it's thrilling to see him slap me with that rapier of his, I need to move my body than have it wrapped in a cast for a few months.

My mood was brightened up when I heard a distant man admires me. Oh how I would love to meet him!!!~ ♥

*sighs* Now where's Ash darling?I could definitely talk to him tonight~ ♥

Leave a message or call me to hook up tonight~ ♥

My day at the beach

So I woke up in the morning feeling like Ash Ketchum . . . .

And then I went to the beach.

At first it was tame, Kiyoi BAWWWWWWWWW'd at me to actually fucking play with him, so I did. But then, out of nowhere his fucking drifloon picks me up and throws me ontop of Kyra. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. so I was like on top of her barely clothed body.

I called her a fat pear, and then we got into a fucking arguement.

I was actually then noticing, she was topless. AND THAT SHE HAD BOOBIES!!! BOOBIES!! FFFF BOOBS. So I stared at them and then she slapped me.


She then covers up her tits with stafishies, so along the way I feel them and she fucking snaps her pussysnufflelawlfugous at me.


I then argue with Setsuna and Kyra and Hibiki are kidnapped by the yeti!!!! NOEEEESS ;;

So then Setsuna and I made our way to find Kyra and Ayumi to get them TO MAKE US SANDWICHES!! FOR ALL THAT WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!

;vv;fdhfghsdfgsdfg sFAG!!!

We end up seeing a weird sight. Jing naked, Kyra and Naoko and Ayumi all fighting each other and Soul fucknig a tree with seaweed. Unfortunately, Ayumi caught wiff of us looking at them all naked and shit, so she sent Kyra and the others to get Kiyoi, but then Ayumi appeared behind me and kicked me off the cliff.

Who knows what happened to Setsuna.

I then land on Naoki riding a sea lion with Hibiki, Hibiki was unconscious and had traces of semen flying from his mouth. Ahaha xmas came early people!! IN HIBIKI'S MOUTH LOL. NO SRS. IT'S LIKE SANTA TOOK A WHIZ IN THERE SO MUCH MILK LMAO.

but I didn't do shit after that, except had some . . .. fun with faggotry naoki because he saved me.

And I have a new rap everyone:

We were at the beach
Everybody had matching dildos
somebody went under a dock
and there they found a cock
but it wasn't a cock
it was an AYUMI


unst unst usnt

Kyra with her starfish tits
banging them in Setsuna's face.
Astrofag thinks they come from the abyss
Kyra wants his asian piss.

Hibiki and Treefuckersoul
Hibiki likes to stick his junk in her wethole
Soul doesn't mind as she humping a tree
together their I.Q. is three

Kiyoi's trying to make out with Jing
He doesn't get Jing wants a fling
After Jing comes and goes
Kiyoi just blows his shota-cocksucking nose.



SATOSHI unst unst unst
SATOSHI unst unst unst
SATOSHI unst unst unst


PSA from matoi

the ice cold pyromaniac                 says:
* =^-^= ~ Midnight Mewtwo ~ says:
*Mewtwo x Diablo x Lucario
         the ice cold pyromaniac                 says:
*XD kewl
         =^-^= ~ Midnight Mewtwo ~ says:
*It would be an odd awesome and weird pair xD
         the ice cold pyromaniac                 says:

Remember people, no one likes Cunted, lying, pieces of annoying furry shit who have the intelligence of your mother's STD.

I made some new friends

I don't like these guys.

But I have never been to the beach in a while. Suddenly I was taken there but the place was beautiful.

However because this group is expected to have weird moments, the girls left us so it was just us guys. I think Naoki-sama became really happy at that so he began to bother Setsuna-kun, Ash-sama and Hibiki-sama. Then he tried to "hug" me but Kiyoi-sama pushed him down into the sand with that stick he always carries.

Then we had lunch and just when we were finished, I hear screams and next thing, everyone ran off and screaming something about a yeti. What is a yeti? Since no one else was around I tried to clean up the garbage on the blanket.

That's when they came.

There were a few turtles approaching me. I said hi to them and in one blink there were a lot surrounding me. It was freaky to be surrounded by such a small species. I only saw them in paintings and other visual forms. I had no idea what they wanted but next thing they grabbed my trunks and a few bit my hair and the whole group was dragging me!

I was unable to get away from these turtles. Was it because I didn't run away?!

Then I saw Kyra-sama without clothes and she had something on her chest. I asked if they were starfish. I was unable to get a clear answer because I cried for help and before Kyra-sama was able to help me I was in the water. But it was dark for some reason!!! Maybe this is where I would find the yeti. Perhaps the yeti is a nice... thing?! It might help me achieve my dream.

Time moves so fast! I was then on the shore without clothes and Kyra-sama was there! How embarrassing...

So I tried to run back to the huge umbrella but then I found a towel on a tree. I tried to climb it but then I saw Soul... doing some weird ritual with the tree. The second I grabbed the towel, something on the tree flings me off and I fell on some indian girls... who happened to be Ayumi-sama and Naoko-sama.

I fell unconscious so I have no idea what happened to me. Or my friends. Or the turtles. Or the yeti.

I woke up on the beach blanket with the big umbrella and Kiyoi-sama was there. I finally asked him about the yeti and they couldn't find it. So the two of us just hung out on the beach like normal people... sort of.

I kind of wanted to see the turtles again. Maybe to tell them why they dragged me. Or to tell them off. I have no clue anymore.

Then as I headed back at dusk, a woman came up to me and asked me to donate money to Haiti. What's a Haiti?

So we went to the beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh today. it was pretty nice actually.

Ayumi, Naoko, Soul and I went on a female retreat in the tidepools. First, Soul got lost, and then Hibiki and Setsuna came running over that there was a yeti.

They accidentally pushed me off the rocks, making me fall into the water. I got tangled in some seaweed, and they ran off trying to find me or something. When I got out. My top was ripped off and out, and my skirt when upto my thighs. 

Those fuckers!!

I wanted to exact my revenge, so I decided to follow them bitches.

Well, I walked, and I walked and I walked, and I walked and...

fucking ketchum dropped onto my head out of nowhere. like, yeah, I was going to fucking piss out acid.

Ash ketchum then said, "UGH YOU'RE THAT PEAR GIRL AGAIN!! FATTY!!"


"are you topless?" He then asked me.

"I'M FUCKING KYRA!! YOU BITCH!!" I slapped him as he stared at my tits. Desperate for covering, I placed a starfish over each boob.

I walked on, and I see Jing being dragged away by the turtles, I run and swin to try to catch up to him, and before he was dragged away to the darkness, he said, "Is that a starfish?"

Then Jing said, "I THINK THEY ARE DRAGGING ME TO THE YETI!!!!" and he was pulled under shore!! I couldn't let that happen, but then a difloon appeared..I think it was Kiyoi's. But then Ash said it was, and it roped him and left it floating higher and then dropped him. But then, I saw Jing's miraculous ressurection...sorta.. He was naked. EWWWWWWW. 

So apparently, Ash and I walk on, and then i get angry at him touching my stafishies, so we argue...for a long long long long long time. And then Setsuna and Hibiki appear. I kick Setsuna down, and then slam Hibiki into a palm tree.

Hibiki looks up and says, "...Is that a starfish?!"

Setsuna touches it because it is stars, but then says something about eating my nipples, so I yelled at him. Ahah, stafish don't eat nipples...

But apparently, Ash and Setsuna were arguing, so Hibiki and I ditched them.

I later find Naoki or something, riding a sea lion...just...randomly...whizzing by me....weird.

So, it was just Hibiki and I. And then HIBIKI WAS SHOVED DOWN INTO THE WATER (where another sealion caught him, so he's okay, I think).

I see...Ayumi? All tribal like, with a hula skirt and shizz, and Naoko with some sort of...spear...it was very weird. and I didn't like it at all!! But then right as they were going to attack me, a Jing fell down, and smacked into them.

They both sorta...flopped to the side...and idk. They both got up, and Jing was all, "....argh" so we carried his lifeless body, and there, the first tree we see in ages.

"Hi how are you today?"


She was humping the tree like crazy...and she was rambling on about seaweed bondage and she was just placing the branches over her boobies, and yeah. IT WAS SO GROSS.

I do'nt know what happened to the rest, but god, what a weird, fucked up day. X.x;;