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So we went to the beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh today. it was pretty nice actually.

Ayumi, Naoko, Soul and I went on a female retreat in the tidepools. First, Soul got lost, and then Hibiki and Setsuna came running over that there was a yeti.

They accidentally pushed me off the rocks, making me fall into the water. I got tangled in some seaweed, and they ran off trying to find me or something. When I got out. My top was ripped off and out, and my skirt when upto my thighs. 

Those fuckers!!

I wanted to exact my revenge, so I decided to follow them bitches.

Well, I walked, and I walked and I walked, and I walked and...

fucking ketchum dropped onto my head out of nowhere. like, yeah, I was going to fucking piss out acid.

Ash ketchum then said, "UGH YOU'RE THAT PEAR GIRL AGAIN!! FATTY!!"


"are you topless?" He then asked me.

"I'M FUCKING KYRA!! YOU BITCH!!" I slapped him as he stared at my tits. Desperate for covering, I placed a starfish over each boob.

I walked on, and I see Jing being dragged away by the turtles, I run and swin to try to catch up to him, and before he was dragged away to the darkness, he said, "Is that a starfish?"

Then Jing said, "I THINK THEY ARE DRAGGING ME TO THE YETI!!!!" and he was pulled under shore!! I couldn't let that happen, but then a difloon appeared..I think it was Kiyoi's. But then Ash said it was, and it roped him and left it floating higher and then dropped him. But then, I saw Jing's miraculous ressurection...sorta.. He was naked. EWWWWWWW. 

So apparently, Ash and I walk on, and then i get angry at him touching my stafishies, so we argue...for a long long long long long time. And then Setsuna and Hibiki appear. I kick Setsuna down, and then slam Hibiki into a palm tree.

Hibiki looks up and says, "...Is that a starfish?!"

Setsuna touches it because it is stars, but then says something about eating my nipples, so I yelled at him. Ahah, stafish don't eat nipples...

But apparently, Ash and Setsuna were arguing, so Hibiki and I ditched them.

I later find Naoki or something, riding a sea lion...just...randomly...whizzing by me....weird.

So, it was just Hibiki and I. And then HIBIKI WAS SHOVED DOWN INTO THE WATER (where another sealion caught him, so he's okay, I think).

I see...Ayumi? All tribal like, with a hula skirt and shizz, and Naoko with some sort of...spear...it was very weird. and I didn't like it at all!! But then right as they were going to attack me, a Jing fell down, and smacked into them.

They both sorta...flopped to the side...and idk. They both got up, and Jing was all, "....argh" so we carried his lifeless body, and there, the first tree we see in ages.

"Hi how are you today?"


She was humping the tree like crazy...and she was rambling on about seaweed bondage and she was just placing the branches over her boobies, and yeah. IT WAS SO GROSS.

I do'nt know what happened to the rest, but god, what a weird, fucked up day. X.x;;