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I made some new friends

I don't like these guys.

But I have never been to the beach in a while. Suddenly I was taken there but the place was beautiful.

However because this group is expected to have weird moments, the girls left us so it was just us guys. I think Naoki-sama became really happy at that so he began to bother Setsuna-kun, Ash-sama and Hibiki-sama. Then he tried to "hug" me but Kiyoi-sama pushed him down into the sand with that stick he always carries.

Then we had lunch and just when we were finished, I hear screams and next thing, everyone ran off and screaming something about a yeti. What is a yeti? Since no one else was around I tried to clean up the garbage on the blanket.

That's when they came.

There were a few turtles approaching me. I said hi to them and in one blink there were a lot surrounding me. It was freaky to be surrounded by such a small species. I only saw them in paintings and other visual forms. I had no idea what they wanted but next thing they grabbed my trunks and a few bit my hair and the whole group was dragging me!

I was unable to get away from these turtles. Was it because I didn't run away?!

Then I saw Kyra-sama without clothes and she had something on her chest. I asked if they were starfish. I was unable to get a clear answer because I cried for help and before Kyra-sama was able to help me I was in the water. But it was dark for some reason!!! Maybe this is where I would find the yeti. Perhaps the yeti is a nice... thing?! It might help me achieve my dream.

Time moves so fast! I was then on the shore without clothes and Kyra-sama was there! How embarrassing...

So I tried to run back to the huge umbrella but then I found a towel on a tree. I tried to climb it but then I saw Soul... doing some weird ritual with the tree. The second I grabbed the towel, something on the tree flings me off and I fell on some indian girls... who happened to be Ayumi-sama and Naoko-sama.

I fell unconscious so I have no idea what happened to me. Or my friends. Or the turtles. Or the yeti.

I woke up on the beach blanket with the big umbrella and Kiyoi-sama was there. I finally asked him about the yeti and they couldn't find it. So the two of us just hung out on the beach like normal people... sort of.

I kind of wanted to see the turtles again. Maybe to tell them why they dragged me. Or to tell them off. I have no clue anymore.

Then as I headed back at dusk, a woman came up to me and asked me to donate money to Haiti. What's a Haiti?